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Time Series

Time series contain a series of volumes where each volume is associated with a specific time step. Time series can be used, for instance, to create an animation of a volume changing over time. Currently, each time step volume is loaded as a separate data file.

Loading a Time Series

For loading a time series, see here. Note that the time steps will be sorted by file name, but the order may be edited.

Stepping through a Time Series

In Tomviz, time steps are integrated with the animation features. Thus, one way to manipulate the current time step is through the VCR toolbar (found at the top of the main window).

VCR Toolbar

This toolbar includes buttons to play through all of the time steps, step back/forward one frame, go to the first/last frame, and loop through the time steps.

Alternatively, the time steps may be manipulated through the use of the animation widget, which may be displayed by clicking View->Animation:

Animation Widget

This includes several methods for manipulating time, including combo boxes, a spin box, and a track slider.

When data is loaded as a time series, a label indicating the current time step automatically appears in the top right corner of the render view:

First Step

Using the VCR toolbar or the animation widget to proceed to the next time step results in both the volume and the label updating:

Next Step

The label can be moved by left-clicking and dragging it. It may also be resized by left-clicking and dragging a border. An example of a label that has been moved and resized is shown in the image below:

Label Moved and Resized

The label may also be hidden or edited (see Editing a Time Series).

Note: normally, when data is loaded in Tomviz, a default camera orbit animation is generated. However, when data is loaded as a time series, the camera orbit animation is skipped.

Editing a Time Series

If a data source has been loaded as a time series, a "Time Series" section will be available in the data properties (which can be seen by selecting the data source in the pipeline):

Data Properties

The "Show label?" checkbox allows the user to modify the visibility of the time series label. If unchecked, the time series label will be hidden.

The "Edit Time Series" button allows the ordering of the time steps and the labels to be edited. If clicked, a dialog will appear similar to the one below:

Edit Dialog

Individual rows may be left-clicked and dragged to modify the ordering of the time steps. The labels may also be modified by double-clicking them and typing a new label. If "OK" is clicked, the changes will be applied. An example of an edited label is provided in the image below:

Label Edited